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Approach to Work

At Douglas Associates, we derive a great deal of joy from working with our clients! We value the face-to-face meetings and on-site visits as much as we do the time spent at the drawing board. We know the importance of listening intently to our clients’ needs and desires, and we enjoy working side-by-side throughout the design process. The fact that we have been able to meet our clients’ expectations with imaginative solutions that take into account the living environment and the need for function, and which have also consistently enhanced the value of the property, is a great source of pride for us. We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us, and are thrilled to have many of our former and current clients as our personal friends.

Design Philosophy

'Landscape design is a forming of relationships, and a creation of balances between the complexities of nature and architecture.' At Douglas Associates, our goal is to clarify the relationships between the parts, organize them into attractive and functional spaces, and create harmonies between the spaces and their setting. We seek to surpass the notion of landscape architecture providing merely utilitarian spaces. We are committed to providing landscapes of both function and imagination. We create spaces for the clients' enjoyment, while being mindful of environmental considerations.

--Jack Douglas

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