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Construction Costs Head-On

Our business as landscape architects is to provide for you a creatively designed plan incorporating the design elements you have dreamed about and request that we place in the design. Reality sets in when we determine projected and actual construction costs for those elements of the Master Plan tagged for implementation. There are several ‘truths’ with landscape architecture construction and planting. The first is that every single element has to be stick built and as a result starts with a higher per unit/square foot labor cost than elements of the home/architectural element. The second is that the cost of construction materials does not generally fall in a down economy.  With these two ‘truths’ at play we have observed an actually rise of construction costs during the current economy.

Douglas Associates is committed to our role in helping you the client deal with the reality of construction costs. We have developed a database of construction costs based on past history and continually updated cost information from reputable contractors and added that information to our ‘landscape design’ software such that we can begin projecting anticipated construction costs during the preliminary design phase. We believe this capability makes our services extremely valuable when evaluating the possibility of adding various design elements to your overall Master Plan.

Douglas Associates is committed to creating gardens that inspire and provide beauty in your life and the construction of these gardens require experienced and skilled technicians that have the equipment and expertise to turn the concept into reality.

a. Swimming Pool
18 x 36 concrete pool with equipment and heater and no decking, tree clearing, or site grading
b. Swimming Pool
18 x 36 vinyl liner pool no terrace
c. Terracing
Brick, bluestone or other elegant material
$18-40.00 per Square foot
d. Terracing
Tumbled concrete Pavers
$14-$21 per square foot
e. Retaining Walls
$80-90 per running foot for concrete wall to $160 for Interlocking Concrete Walls 4’ tall
f. Retaining Walls
Block with Brick Face and Cap
$250 plus per running foot for brick or other more decorative materials
g. Trees, Shrubs, Ground Covers, Perennials
Retail cost plus 80-100% additional for soil prep and labor for installation of the plantings plus a warranty on the plants
h. Sprinkler Irrigation System
For a typical subdivision lot the costs are between $7,000.00 and $12,000.00


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