Douglas Associates
The Reality of Construction Costs

Our business as landscape architects is to provide for you a creatively designed plan that meets safety and building code requirements incorporating those design elements you have dreamed about and request that we place in your custom design. In 2013 we are seeing an increase in prevailing construction costs of which we have no control. Some items can be phased over a period of years, but all inclusive items such as swimming pools or other recreational amenities require construction in a single phase.

Douglas Associates has included in Master Plans major residential design elements including Swimming Pools, Tennis courts, Terraces, Driveways, Retaining walls, Sprinkler Irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, fountains, gazebos, fences, Vegetable garden, and other garden elements. Each item has an impact on the overall aesthetic quality and construction cost. We pride ourselves in helping you sort through alternative design and construction material alternatives to choose the best scheme for your needs.

Douglas Associates is committed to creating gardens that inspire and provide beauty in your life and the construction of these gardens require experienced and skilled technicians that have the equipment and expertise to turn the concept into reality. We have a resource base of construction specialists in many locales. We look forward to assisting you with the entire process from design creation to high quality implementation.