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Landscape Design Services
  • Acquisition of Existing Conditions utilizing electronic total station and data collector
  • Preparation of digital based 3D topography map that allows us to calculate elevations of proposed design elements and corresponding grade changes
  • Preparation of Overall Garden Design Concepts (we prepare a minimum of 3 concepts for consideration) and refinements to be included in a final Master Landscape Plan. Our Landscape Plans include the creative design of hardscape and recreational design elements including but not limited to Walks, Terraces, Garden Walls, Garden Features, Fountains, swimming pools, tennis courts, and formal and informal garden parterres
  • Design and specification of plant materials for the enjoyment of all seasons
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Preparation of Detailed Construction Documents including Layout Plans, Grading plans, construction details, Sprinkler Irrigation Plans, Outdoor light locations
  • Construction Contract negotiations with contractors of your choice
  • Construction stake out utilizing design data exported to the total station
  • Construction Observation. This service is provided to answer questions for the client and or contractor and make field adjustments of design elements

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